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MyStrain helps you explore products and stay connected to your favorite brands

Browse our library of products and sellers to find what you like more easily.
Do more with labels and unlock smart-scanning technology to rate, review, and discover new products.

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Unique, Engaging Style

Browse hundreds of the most popular strains and see their average potency, positive and negative effects, ratings, and distance away

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Customizable Labels

Create labels featuring your dispensary logo and a product symbol that you can set yourself or choose one of ours

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Unique Strain Symbols

Remembering and recognizing strains has never been easier, thanks to our standardized branding system.

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Detailed Strain Profiles

Get information like average effects, potency, flavor, rating, ancestors, and typical time of day for use. Read descriptions and histories to learn about the backgrounds of your favorite strains and how they came to be. We help you identify effects and products that match your preferences and lifestyle.

Augmented Reality for Cannabis Products

MyStrain uses a combination of machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality to bring physical objects to life through smart devices and add a new dimension of functionality to packaging and labels. 

We're helping brands and consumers interact in new ways. From sale coupons to immersive 3D experiences and interactive digital holograms, we partner with existing software providers to provide users with a powerful, connected platform.


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